Red Dog was a small Texas town during the days of the American Frontier. It was defended from lawless types by Blaze Carson and his deputy Tumbleweed during the late 19th century.

Early on Carson kept the peace on his own, stopping outlaws such as Bat Miller,[1] horse rustlers,[2] and resolved a dispute between local ranchers Buck Masters and Dan Brewster.[3] He also stopped pig thief Jeff Saunders, horse thief Ace Cassell, bank robber Murderin' Lynn Hobbs,[4] and the Forbes gang.[5]

The public faith in Blaze Carson was shaken when his brother-in-law Durango the Killer returned to Red Dog to exploit the fact that Carson vowed to his late wife to never harm her brother. However, Blaze was freed of this vow when Durango disgraced the memory of his sister, and Blaze drove him out of town, renewing the public faith.[6] Blaze also busted cattle stealing rancher Hoot Larabee. Bank robber Joe MacKey, and prevented Ross Leggett from taking over the same bank soon afterward.[7] Local banker Lathrop was also caught by Carson when he attempted to cover up his embezzlement of local money with phony robberies.[8]

Shortly thereafter an election was called for a new sheriff, and Blaze Carson's chief competition was "Honest" John Danbey. Blaze soon exposed Danby as the outlaw Jesse Douglas and won the election. Soon after his re-election Carson took on Tumbleweed as his deputy, although Tumbleweed as a mostly ineffectual law enforcer due to his advanced age. Despite this they stopped a bank robbery plot by Red Lannigan and Shorty Simms.[9] Blackjack Jepson, a notorious outlaw came to Red Dog soon after, but made his own demise when he drank Carson's toothache medicine thinking it to be liquor and poisoned himself. The pair also cleared new comer Hank McCoy of a murder he was framed for in Frisco City and Carson shut down a crooked gambling operation run by Rick Wilton.[10] Blaze also stopped a gang harassing the Wilson family.[11]

The locals soon began sheltering local outlaw Luke Matson who painted himself as a modern day Robin Hood until Carson exposed him as a murderous killer looking out for his own self-preservation.[12] Local boy Kansas attempted to blame his murder of a local poor man on the outlaw Frisco Kid, Blaze gunned down Frisco and caught Kansas in his lie, bringing him to justice.[13] Blaze also put down gold thief Guy Mahler,[14] and crooked card player Morton.[15] Blaze was briefly removed from his position when he was framed for murder by Ace Dorman and Bull Clanton, the latter of who was installed as the new sheriff. Blaze broke out of jail and fought against the law until he cleared his name and took his position back.[16] Blaze then cleared crooked gambler Franco,[17] cattle rustlers Tom Lockridge and Jesse Oland,[18] travelling magician the Great Bardello,[19] crooked banker Ira Stone,[20] and murdering gambler the Shuffler.[21]

It is unknown if Red Dog still exists to this day.


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