Following the death of the previous generation of the familiar Filipino superhero group the Triumph Division at the hands of suicide bombers during a ceremony in Plaza de Roma,[1] the next member in each of the deceased members' bloodlines succeeded them, following the team's centuries-old tradition. This included the appointment of a new Red Feather.[2]

The members of the fledging generation were visited at the Triumph Hall by Iron Man to pay his respects. They were nervous and eager, but also hopeful, which reminded Iron Man of the early days of the Avengers.[2]

The subsequent fate of this female Red Feather is unknown. When Tony Stark became a prisoner of the Mandarin, his allies Pepper Potts and Bethany Cabe set up a meeting in international waters with the Triumph Division and the Chinese superhero team the Dynasty, and the Filipino superheroes were being led by a different Red Feather.[3]

  • Since the mantles of the heroes of the Triumph Division are generational and run back centuries,[2] the numeric distinctive in this article's title is only meant to indicate that this character is the second Red Feather to appear in the comics, not that she's the second person to use the alias in-universe.

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