Red Fowler was the stunt cyclist for the Quentin Carnival before Johnny Blaze arrived. At first, the Carnival refused to hire Blaze, as they already had a stunt cyclist. When Blaze shows off his superior skills, the Carnival hires him and tells Red that he can stay as Blaze's assistant. Red doesn't like this at all, but decides to stay anyway[1].

Later, Red began to lose his cool because of his overdue payments to Loan Shark. Loan Shark threatened to reveal why Red needed the 10 grand if he doesn't pay up in 24 hours. Red then went riding to clear his head and ran into Ghost Rider and is scared out of his wits, though he later sees Ghost Rider transform back into Blaze. Deciding that he must be hallucinating, he fell asleep. The next day he is kidnapped by Loan Shark and taken to a boat for execution. Blaze follows him and turns into Ghost Rider to save him. Red oversees the transformation and realizes that Blaze really is the demonic biker. He decides to keep the info to himself, but he also decides to stand by Blaze and be his friend[2].



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