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The Red Guardian's Shield is the primary weapon used by users of the Red Guardian identity. Red Gurdian/Josef Petkus had been trained to use the Shield as a projectile weapon, aimed at the bodies of his opponents. [1] The Shield displays a prominent white star on a red background. [1]

The Red Guardian identity seems to have been modeled on the Captain America identity, and the Guardians were the Soviet Union counterparts to the Captain Americas of the United States of America. The Shield serves as a counterpart to Captain America's Shield. Both shields depict a star as part of their symbols.[1]

Recently the shield had undergone an upgrade, having been cast in Wakandan Vibranium and utilized by Red Guardian's Anton and Nikolai Krylenko.[2] Nikolai utilizing a better augmented version with an onboard computer attuned to his suit, with which he can control it's flight path ordering it to return to him. As well as channel his natural mutant powers through.[3]

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