Red Mary was a communist spy who worked for the People's Liberation Army during the Korean War of the 1950s.

Early on in the war she was part of a group of Chinese spies hiding out in the South Korean capital of Seoul. Seeking to capture American sailors who could show them where American forces had planted sea mines, Mary and her minions staged back alley robberies in order to capture naval officers. Their trap worked and the succeeded in capturing Battleship Burk and his buddy Salty Smith while they were on 12 hour leave. Red Mary took the captured Americans aboard the lead ship in her fleet of junk ships that were modified with weapons. She then attempted to force Burk and Smith to show them the way through the sea mines. Instead, Burk piloted the ship toward his destroyer they were stationed at. When Salty lit the sails of their ship on fire the destroyer blasted it out of the water. Battleship, Smith and Red Mary survived the assault and Red Mary was turned over to the American authorities as a prisoner.[1]

Somehow, Mary was freed sometime near the end of the Korean War she was assigned to destroy a new prototype plane so it would not fall into the hands of the United Nations. However a spy was in the Chinese army's midst who was hired to steal the plane. When Mary discovered that it was General Wu who was offered a reward to steal the plane. However, before Mary could expose him, Wu told their superiors that Mary was the one trying to steal the plane.

Mary was sent off to be executed, however she was saved by Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak who mistook her for a South Korean prisoner of war. After rescuing her, Mary brought them to the location of the prototype plane and tricked them into stopping General Wu before he could escape. Mary then turned on the two Americans and took her three enemies prisoner. However, Combat was able to smuggle dynamite with him into their cell and used it to blast their way to freedom. They managed to steal the plane and escape.[2]

Mary's subsequent fate is unknown.

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