Constructed by the Bird People to act as their guardians while in suspended animation, the Red Raven construct was also programmed to believe that he was the real Red Raven.[1] During the modern age, the sunken Sky-Island was discovered by the mutant known as Angel. Seeing the Angel as a threat, Red Raven battled him. [2] However the construct was plucked from history by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man who was using time displaced pawns against the Fantastic Four. When the FF defeated Zarrko, the Red Raven construct and the other pawns were returned to their proper eras with no memories of their battle. [3] Back in his own era, Red Raven defeated the Angel in combat, and after telling the young mutant about his people, decided that it was not time for the Bird People to return and knocked the Angel out long enough to sink the island and return to suspended animation. [2]

The Red Raven constructs suspended animation pod soon floated to the surface of the ocean and was recovered by American scientists. When he learned of this, the Sub-Mariner went to free the construct thinking it was his old ally from World War II. Deciding that the world deserved to be under the rule of the Bird People, the Red Raven fought off the Sub-Mariner and returned to Sky-Island and lifted it from the ocean. There he battled the Sub-Mariner while he tried in vein to revive his people. However Namor convinced the Red Raven that his people had died while in suspended animation. Blaming himself, the construct went on a rampage, causing the devices on Sky-Island to explode and the island to think, deactivating the construct in the process. [4] Later the construct was reanimated by Diablo in order to exploit the technology and hold the world ransom. He was stopped by Namor and the female Red Raven. [5]

Eventually the real Red Raven resurfaced in the modern era alive and well. [6]

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