Tombstone Gap, a young Jim Rogers is put into tears when one of Whip Savage's men shoots his horse after it is hitched on the sheriffs hitching post. When the boy and his father try to stand up for themselves, the boy is pushed in the mud and Mr. Rogers is threatened until Whip intervenes and gets his man to stand down. As Mr. Rogers leads his son away he tells the boy that someday someone bigger than Whip Savage and his men will come and ride them out of town. Just as he is telling this Kid Colt enters town deciding that Tombstone Gap might be a good place to lay low for a bit. When he spots another one of Whip Savage's men giving the Rogers trouble, he gets involved, knocking out the thug off his horse with a single punch. When the bruiser pulls a gun, Kid Colt realizes his have been confiscated when he was arrested earlier and is shot in the arm and passes out from the wound.

Hours later Kid Colt awakens in the Rogers shack and finds that he has been patched up by Mr. Rogers and his son. Spotting that Jim's father has a pair of Colts, the Kid borrows them and learns about what is going on in town.

Later, Kid Colt gives the reward money for the killing of Whip Savage to Mr. Rogers who uses it to get much needed eye glasses and a new sheriff is installed in town.[1]

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