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Synopsis for "Hell Hath No Fury"

At an undisclosed location, General Reginald Fortean is putting on a demonstration of the next line in super-soldiers, Project Echelon. He is trying to convince members of the United States government to approve funding so they can have a team of soldiers that are accountable to the military. He informs those watching the proceedings that they developed the technology from the genetics work taken from the labs of Dr. June Covington. He then unveils the first three successful members of the Echelon project. He then demonstrates their abilities to those gathered by unleashing remote controlled military vehicles to attack them. While Echelon One deflects artillery with his indestructible body, E2 uses her magnetic powers to destroy the fighter jets, while E3 uses his frequency manipulation powers to disassemble tanks on the ground. With the first demonstration over, Fortean continues his explanations when Echelon One points out a tank from the next demonstration tank is approaching the field.

However, it's not a premature start to the second demonstration, it is actually the Red She-Hulk carrying the tank. She is horrified to see that Project Echelon, something her father Thaddeus Ross refused to do, is being considered. She then shows them the folly of their operation by attacking the members of Project Echelon. At first, she pretends to be overpowered by her attackers but quickly reveals that she is bluffing when they appear to incapacitate her. She then breaks free and decides to show Reginald where his money went. She then easily thrashes the enhanced shoulders, despite their efforts to stop her. When the last member of the squad is beaten into submission, she tosses him at the observation window where the government agents are watching. She warns them that there will be more of this if they do not cease project Echelon. After the Red She-Hulk leaps away, one of the officials approaches General Fortean and asks him how much funding he wants.

Two days later, Captain America and Machine Man are trying to track down the Red She-Hulk but find no trace of her. He contacts Reginald Fortean to learn what he can but has little intel to share with the General. However, X-51 eventually gets a fix on her and informs Captain America that she has infiltrated the Project Echelon facility in her human guise of Betty Ross. At that moment, Betty enters the lab and sees an Echelon volunteer named Vic Corsico trying to force himself on one of the scientists. Reading that Vic is a superhuman who was incarcerated on the Raft due to sex offenses and volunteered to have his sentence commuted. Disgusted that the military would stoop so low, Betty turns into the Red She-Hulk and attacks him. When Vic gets her in an arm lock, the Red She-Hulk breaks his arm and then strikes his head with a blow so strong that it breaks his neck, killing him instantly.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Earth’s strongest female set on a path of destruction!!!



Continuity Notes

  • General Fortean states that he developed Project Echelon based on the work of June Covington from information they confiscated from her lab. He is referring to when her lab was shut down in Osborn #1. He states that it happened "a year ago", this is the time between publications and should be considered a topical reference, as per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, the events of that story and this happen in the same "year" of the modern age.

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