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To escape a SHIELD squad sent to capture her, the Red She-Hulk and her ally Machine Man have fled into Subterranea where they are found by a hideous creature who calls himself the Mole Monster and his legion of mutates and Moloids. He is furious that these two surface dwellers have invaded his domain. Before his rock monster can crush them, the Red She-Hulk breaks herself and X-51 free. As the pair destroy the rock monster, the Mole Monster summons the massive worm-like creature called Magetu. The creature snared the Red She-Hulk and X-51 in its tendrils and swallows them. The Mole Monster then orders the creature to place it's rear end in the royal chambers to pass the two intruders as quickly as possible. The two are expelled out of the creature and the Mole Monster decides to test them to see what they are made of. He then unleashes his horde of some seven thousand creatures against X-51 or the Red She-Hulk.

The creatures easily overpower and incapacitate the Red She-Hulk, prompting the Mole Monster to cease the battle. Impressed by the strength of the two intruders, he welcomes them to his realm and asks if they have come seeking asylum and access to the forbidden chamber. When the Red She-Hulk explains why they are in Subterranea and asks for more information about the forbidden chamber, the Mole Monster tells them that they will tell them over dinner and invites them to the dining home. He tells them that there is a strange period in a location called the Lava Lair. He has one of his minions bring a sword with the make of the Brotherhood of Shield on it. Suspecting that this is another portal to the Terranometer, the Red She-Hulk asks the Mole Monster if he will lead them to it. He warns that there are defenses that will prevent them from reaching it and insists on tagging along so he can watch the Red She-Hulk in battle once again.

Meanwhile, aboard the U.S.S. Thunderbolt, General Fortean catches the Mad Thinking working on improving Project Echelon. He scolds the mad scientist for not working on trying to capture the Red She-Hulk. He orders the Mad Thinker to be locked up again until they need him, however, he decides not to delete the alterations to the Echelon technology. Suddenly, the alarm is sounded and Fortean is told that an object is heading toward them. Suddenly, the She-Hulk lands on the top of the plane. She demands to speak to Reginald Fortean as they are both seeking to find Betty Ross, the Red She-Hulk. While back below the surface, the Mole Monster has a ship carry his guests across the lava flows to find the Brotherhood temple. Along the way, X-51 asks if the Mole Monster is actually the Mole Man, transformed. The Mole Monster explains that he is actually the son of Harvey Elder. He explains that when Elder first became the Mole Man, he discovered a tribe of Deviants who lived below the Earth's surface. He eventually mated with a Deviant woman named Kyzerra Os. After she gave birth to their son, he abandoned them as is Deviant custom. Mole Monster later grew up to have his own domain below the Earth with followers that are loyal to him. Suddenly they are attacked by a horde of Lava Men. They quickly realize that these creatures were trying to prevent them from advancing further. The Red She-Hulk then claps her hands together, the force of the clap knocks the Lava Men out of the way.

Soon they arrive before the pyramid, and the Red She-Hulk forces open the door, allowing them passage. Inside they find themselves in a domed room that shows an image of the continents of Earth, but from the perspective from below the surface. Finding a glowing sphere like in the last pyramid. When X-51 points the sword at it, activating the computers. A projection of Nikola Tesla appears before them and he is not happy to see them. When the Red She-Hulk demands to know what happened to Eleanor. Tesla says she is somewhere safe and explains it was because Betty was planning on bringing General Fortean to her, and he did not want the American military to learn how to access the Terranometer. The Red She-Hulk is upset that Tesla was more concerned about his secrets than trying to prevent the apocalyptic future ushered in by Project Echelon from happening. When X-51 tries to hack into the Brotherhood's database, Tesla decides that they are no longer welcome. While the Mole Monster is teleported back among his followers, the Red She-Hulk and Machine Man find themselves in South Dakota, not far from Mount Rushmore. However, they are shocked to see that instead of the faces of famous US Presidents, the mountain displays the faces of Doctor Doom, Ultron, the Red Skull, and Loki.

Solicit Synopsis

ROUTE 616 CONTINUES! • Red She-Hulk goes deep underground to find the secrets of the ancient order of the Shield! • There's a new ruler of the world below! • He may never let her leave...


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