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Synopsis for "North by Northdeath"

The She-Hulk has leapt onto the U.S.S. Thunderbolt demanding to be let in and provide her assistance in the manhunt for the Red She-Hulk. Uninterested, General Reginald Fortean confronts her in his Redeemer Armor. However, she convinces him that she can help hunt Betty Ross, as she knows her well enough to know her tricks of evading capture. Meanwhile, the Red She-Hulk and X-51 have been banished to South Dakota from Nikola Tesla. Detecting something strange about Mount Rushmore, X-51 scans it and learns that there is a Brotherhood of Shield facility inside, yet another part of the Terranometer inside the national monument. Spotting a strange glow of energy around Abraham Lincoln's eye, the Red She-Hulk leaps onto the monument. X-51 joins her and his scans open a portal to, revealing a different sculpture in its place, one of Doctor Doom, Ultron, the Red Skull, and Loki, an alternate monument that they briefly saw when they were first teleported to this location. Machine Man determines that this alternate Mount Rushmore exists within a focal point of time and space.

Suddenly, they are confronted by what appears to be Doctor Doom, Loki, the Red Skull, and Ultron. X-51 quickly deduces that they are nothing more than "megadata" and not the real villains themselves. "Loki" attacks first, unleashing a Frost Giant upon them, but the Red She-Hulk easily trounces it. "Doctor Doom" then tries to stun Betty with a gauntlet blast, but she grabs "Loki" and throws him at "Doctor Doom". She is then ambushed by t he "Red Skull" who turns into a gas that enters her mouth making her hallucinate the atrocities committed during World War II. She pulls the "Red Skull" out of her body and tosses him away as well. All the while, X-51 is in the middle of digital combat with "Ultron" until he was able to distract his opponent long enough to blast it to pieces. With the threat over, they rush into the portal that takes them inside the Brotherhood's facility. Inside, X-51 begins accessing the massive database. He informs the Red She-Hulk that the trap they ran into digitized past villains who had previously attempted to try and infiltrate this facility and failed. The Red She-Hulk thinks she hears something but is soon distracted as Machine Man gets overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the Terranometer. Suddenly, the security system merges the digital reproductions of the villains into a singular being called Yologarch. With the combined powers of the villains that it copied, Yologarch easily overpowers the Red She-Hulk. She calls out to Machine Man for help, but the robot is still deep within the Terranometer.

At that moment back aboard the Thunderbolt, General Fortean tells one of his soldiers to show the She-Hulk around the craft. Telling her that he will meet with her at 0800 hours, he then goes and checks on the Mad Thinker who has been working on improving the Project Echelon super-soldiers. While back within the Rushmore facility, the Red She-Hulk continues to battle Yologarch who still has the advantage over her. However, when she tries to reason with it, she only succeeds in making the construct override its programming and free itself from an eternity of being trapped within Mount Rushmore. Once free, the Yologarch takes off into the air intending to come back and destroy the Red She-Hulk and its former prison. With X-51 still trapped within the Terranometer, the Red She-Hulk is forced to rip his head off in order to disconnect him from the powerful computer. The jolt knocks her out, and when she wakes up five hours later to find herself in a car with Machine Man. He tells her that he saved him and he got them out of there. However, his brief connection with the Terranometer gave him a clue as to where to look next. He tells her that they are heading to the Florida Everglades to seek out the Nexus of All Realities.

Solicit Synopsis


• The SHE-HULK Jen Walters strikes a deal with the military!

• And Betty finds others have taken her path before her...

• …others named DR. DOOM, THE RED SKULL, ULTRON and LOKI!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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