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The Red She-Hulk and her allies are trapped in an alternate reality where humanity is at war against Earth's super-heroes. Before they can cross through a portal opened by the Man-Thing back to their home reality, General Reginald Fortean and his team of super-soldiers from Project Echelon come through the portal to capture the Red She-Hulk. To make matters worse, Machine Man is trapped in his counter-parts body and cannot fight off its programming to attack superhumans. This leaves the She-Hulk alone to try and stop the savage Red She-Hulk. Jennifer approaches Betty and tries to convince her to cross through the portal so she can be freed from the influence of her counterpart in this reality. Before she can succeed they are attacked by two super-soldiers who blast the Red She-Hulk and then absorb the gamma radiation of Jennifer forcing her to return to human form.

Before they can blast Walters, X-51 exploits a loophole in his programming to fly into the path of the blast. Although he is damaged, Machine Man is still function and can defend himself against the attackers. He tells Jennifer that he will be able to handle the situation, so she leaps through the portal back to her home reality. This happens just as Man-Thing is closing the portal between worlds. When she asks him why he is doing this, the muck monster explains that some entities from that reality have crossed over into theirs and he must close the portal in order to contain them and send them back home. Meanwhile, on the other side, X-51 attacks the Red She-Hulk and as he anticipated she strikes him so hard he passes through the portal returning back to normal. The super-soldiers then begin absorbing the Red She-Hulk's gamma radiation, causing her to change out of her savage form. Before they can force a reversion to her human form, Betty is saved when X-51 shoots the soldier from the other side of the portal.

Confused thanks to the conflicting memories in her head, the Red She-Hulk is disorientated enough to allow General Fortean to get the drop on her. However, before he can eliminate his long time foe, the Bruce Banner from this reality comes to her aid. While back on the other side of the portal, Nikola Tesla makes his presence known, having hidden within Machine Man. In the alternate reality, the Red She-Hulk convinces Bruce to help her and he uses a command code to disable Fortean's Redeemer Armor. She then saves Banner from the members of Project Echelon. It's at this point that Nikola Tesla pulls up a holographic image of young Eleanore Bennett. Seeing the image of the girl, the Red She-Hulk finally realizes the truth and decides to cross back over to her home reality. Once on the other side the influence of her counterpart is gone, but she still decides to go back to that other reality to bring General Fortean back to his proper reality. Once back, Man-Thing finally closes the portal trapping the members of Project Echelon in that other reality. As the portal closes, X-51 and Tesla watches as that realities General Fortean leads the members of Echelon against the Avengers of that reality.

In the aftermath of the battle, X-51 deduces that in order to stop the apocalyptic future where Project Echelon would destroy the planet they created a divergent reality to prevent the same fate from happening on Earth. Reginald is angry that his soldiers are trapped on that doomed world. However, the Red She-Hulk doesn't care, she saved the world and is going to enjoy this second chance she has been given. When the Red She-Hulk demands to know where Eleanore is, the Man-Thing teleports her and her allies to their location, leaving Fortean alone in the swamps. They appear in one of the secret bases of the Brotherhood of Shield where Betty is reunited with Eleanore. Eleanore confirms that the horrible future will never come to pass. However, in changing the course of history, Red She-Hulk has caused Elanore to slowly lose her connection to the Terranometer and the Brotherhood must seek out a replacement. With her mission accomplished, the Red She-Hulk is convinced to join the Brotherhood since they are a force for good, can keep her hidden from those who pursue her, and give her a plethora of missions and adventures she craves. Having seen what's coming, the Red She-Hulk recovers her sword and takes one of the Brotherhood's shields and tells her friends that she will gather her own team to help her deal with what's coming next.

Solicit Synopsis


• The MAD THINKER has improved the next generation of Super-Soldiers and they are here to finish the rampage of the RED SHE-HULK!

• Is Betty stuck in Omega Stage Hulk form forever?

• Will MACHINE MAN, SHE-HULK and humanity pay the price for Betty’s interference of the future?

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