Red Shift was an alien of unknown origin who was chosen to become the Herald of Galactus.[1]

During the Annihilation Wave, former Heralds were targeted for capture by Annihilus' troops. Red Shift and his fellow Heralds Stardust and Firelord joined the United Front against the Wave's advance. Red Shift was apparently killed in one of the final battles of the war.[2]

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Red Shift possesses the Power Cosmic. He can open dimensional rifts and portals across vast distances, summoning or banishing objects, beings, or energy at will, including black holes.

Red Shift was deemed to have a "Village/city" threat level by the Nova Corps, after having formerly been an Universal-level threat.[3]


The source of Red Shift's power is his swords; if he were to lose contact with them, he would lose his power.


Swords linking him to the Power Cosmic.


Cosmic Swords from which his cosmic power is derived. With them he can manipulate the entire electromagnetic spectrum, fly at great speeds, survive unaided in the vacuum of space, and presumably has incredible strength and durability.

The name Red Shift refers to the astronomical measure of direction; if something is moving away from the viewer, its light will be shifted to longer (red) wavelengths.

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