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Red Shift was an alien of unknown origin who was chosen to become the Herald of Galactus.[2]

During the Annihilation Wave, former Heralds were targeted for capture by Annihilus' troops. Red Shift and his fellow Heralds Stardust and Firelord joined the United Front against the Wave's advance. They managed to fight off the Seekers and escape captivity. They then wreaked havoc on Annihilus' forces, but were soon tracked down from one of their attacks to their base on Daedalus 5. Annihilus ordered an attack on the planet, which led to a massive battle, but realized that this was taking too long. He then used the energy sapped from Galactus to power a turret that destroys entire planets. While the planet's inhabitants evacuated, Red Shift and Stardust attempted to hold off the energy beam but ultimately failed and perished as a result.[3]


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  • Power Cosmic: Red Shift gained Power Cosmic from Galactus.[4] Red Shift was deemed to have a "Village/city" threat level by the Nova Corps, after having formerly been an Universal-level threat.[5] The Power Cosmic grants him several powers:
    • Portal Creation: He can open dimensional rifts and portals across vast distances. He can use the portals to bring or banish objects, redirect energy attacks, etc. He can also open a portal into the Black Hole to pull his enemies into it.[6][4]
    • Superhuman Strength: Red Shift possesses undefined levels of superhuman strength that he can probably enhance with the Power Cosmic.[4] He is as strong as Silver Surfer.[6]
    • Superhuman Durability: Red Shift has unrevealed levels of superhuman durability.[4] He was able to survive the gravity inside of the black hole.[6]
    • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Red Shift can manipulate the entire electromagnetic spectrum.[4]
      • Energy Projection: Red Shift can channel through his swords powerful energy blasts capable of destroying entire spaceships.[7]
    • Flight: Red Shift can fly at incalculable speeds.[4]


  • Swords Contact: The source of Red Shift's power is his swords; if he were to lose contact with them, he would lose his power.[4]



Swords linking him to the Power Cosmic.


Cosmic Swords: He wields a pair of swords that greatly augment his powers in the same manner how Silver Surfer's Surfboard assists Silver Surfer.[6]


The name Red Shift refers to the astronomical measure of direction; if something is moving away from the viewer, its light will be shifted to longer (red) wavelengths.

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