First appearing in 1947, the identity of this Red Skull is unknown. His only recorded activity brought him to New York where he shorted out the electricity at the state prison on an evening where all the death row inmates were to be executed. Posing as an electrician, the Red Skull then trapped the warden in the electric chair and threatened to kill him if he did not free the death row inmates. Making a clean getaway, the Red Skull and his gang committed a series of successful medicine robberies, intending to sell the medicine back at steep prices.

The Red Skull's activities attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who set a trap for the Red Skull by placing a phoney story in the papers about a penicillin delivery. When the Skull and his men attempted to hijack the delivery truck, Captain America and Bucky ambushed them forcing the Skull and one of his men to flee in a pontoon boat. Following after them, Cap and Bucky forced them to crash into a dam where the Skull sought refuge. Although the Skull almost succeeded in killing the heroes twice, Captain America fought the Skull atop the dam and sent the villain falling to his apparent death[2].

Presumably, it is this Red Skull who ended up in a Hell realm where he wrote Captain America's name in the book of the damned instead of his, having the hero pulled down into Hell. When the ruler of this domain realized the deception, the Red Skull admitted his treachery, pointing out that those who end up in Hell cannot leave. However, the Judge of Hell pitted Captain America and the Red Skull to a battle to determine who would be sent back to the land of the living. Captain America easily bested the Red Skull and was returned to the Earth.[3]




The Red Skull wore a skull-like mask to conceal his identity.


The Red Skull carried various firearms.

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