Quote1 The three kings -- They're dead, aye -- yet, they live , in their dread way -- as vampires! Quote2
-- Red Sonja

Appearing in "The Tomb of Three Dead Kings!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lord Flurdelie
  • Lord Sharlo
  • The Three Dead Kings - Nubis, Kaukasis, and Mongollis

Other Characters:


  • The south of Aquilonia
  • Taverns in a town in the south of Aquilonia
  • Lord Flurdelie's castle
  • The tomb of the Three Dead Kings


  • Lord Sharlo's poppy mask which has a soporific affect on Red Sonja

Synopsis for "The Tomb of Three Dead Kings!"

Red Sonja encounters a strange shrouded mummy while riding through the winter snows in the south of Aquilonia. She sees three strange kings on horseback, riding away from the mummy, each one representing each of the three races of men as categorised by the Nemedian scholars. In a tavern in a nearby town she gets into a fight with a group of gambling roughnecks who get the best of her, take her winnings and her sword and throw her into the snow outside. After sleeping off her injuries in another inn she returns to the scene of the fight the following day and takes revenge on her assailants. Here she encounters another enemy wearing a poppy mask that makes her drowsy. She falls unconscious and the man (Lord Sharlo) spirits her away to a castle where he lays her body in a glasshouse filled with weird plants. Here she meets Lord Flurdelie who has been transformed by the three dead kings into a half plant-half man beast who hungers for human flesh. The man in the poppy mask, Lord Sharlo is revealed to be the son of Flurdelie, and rescues Red Sonja from his father only to place her before the tombs of the three dead kings. They burst from their tombs and it is revealed that they are vampires. Red Sonja slays Lord Sharlo and tosses his body to the vampire-kings but they have no interest in it for they drink only the blood of women. She flees on horseback through the snow but she is followed by the three dead kings on their own stallions. She returns to the castle of Flurdelie who refuses to help her destroy the vampire kings and attacks her, hungry for her blood. Red Sonja sets Flurderlie on fire and as he burns the three dead kings arrive. However they disintegrate before her. Having been tied mystically to the mortals Lord Flurderlie and his son Lord Sharlo, they cannot now survive. Red Sonja is left alone, the only living being in the castle of the dead.


  • Final issue of the series.


  • The names of the three dead kings represent the three "races": "Negroid", "Caucasian", and "Mongoloid".

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