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A man named Logan stole the Red Storm Project from Russia alongside Carol Danvers and Ben Grimm. En route, Logan overheard talk that a rare metal valuable to the Soviets is being transported in a strongbox on the same train. Coincidentally enough, Logan's "top secret" orders were to steal this very metal. He and Grimm stage an escape and retrieve the strongbox, which they drag to the roof of the train, where they are rescued by Carol Danvers piloting a stolen Yakovlev observation plane. In a near-collision with the Flying Wing piloted by Natasha Romanoff, Danvers performs an evasive maneuver that causes Logan to fall and land on the Flying Wing itself. Logan is able to gain entry to the plane and disable its pilots, but realizes he is unable to pilot it. Ben Grimm then makes the jump from plane to plane to assist Logan. Danvers' stolen Yakovlev is damaged in a dogfight with Soviet fighters and she too jumps to the Flying Wing. Ben Grimm pilots the plane back to the United States.[1]

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