Crasniye Solleetsi

Red Sun
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Crasniye Solleetsi
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Siberian Project
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Coojeechiscue (Cubic)
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Rodstvow (Kinship, the People's Hero); Sillatochca (Force Point); Dehman Doosha (The Demon Within)
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Siberian Project
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Siberian Project
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Red Sun was a team of Russian paranormals created by the White Event. The healer Anastasia Inyushin should have been on the team but was taken to America by Emmett Proudhawk before it was formed; of the five paranormals eventually chosen, Leonid Vishnevesky (Force Point) was an elderly mechanic with the power to make things explode with his mind who was blackmailed into the program by threats against his family, while Irina Mityushova (Animal) was a fifteen year old girl who had transformed into a bestial monster and lost most of her intellect in the process, team leader Nadehzda (Cubic) could create cube shaped force fields, Dehman Doosha was an autistic child with pyrokinetic abilities who was considered too dangerous to be used, and Rodstvow was a phenomenally powerful but totally mad paranormal who was a danger to all around him. Leonid was eventually shot dead by accident by the mercenary Potiphar
Force Point

Death of Force Point

while trying to help Psi-Force escape from the Siberian Project in return for their assistance in finding his family (Potiphar had in fact come to rescue them and did not realize that Leonid was on their side) while Irina was apparently either killed or seriously injured while attempting to halt the rampage of Rodstvow when he began indiscriminately killing everyone in the Project. Rodstvow was subsequently killed by Dehman Doosha, who (now going by the name 'Johnny Do') was then removed from the Project by Psi-Force and joined their ranks. The fates of Irina and Nadehzda are unknown.

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