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Red Team
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Formerly Collector
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Formerly Maestro
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When the Multiverse was restored by Reed Richards, Earth-15513 became a distorted portion of time and space. Due to this universe having been the epicenter of the rebirth of the Multiverse, in it abounded a substance known as Iso-8, which originated as a byproduct of creation itself.[1]

The Elders of the Universe arrived from their native universe and decided to stage a Contest of Champions for control of a concentrated ingot of Iso-8 known as the Iso-Sphere, with the Grandmaster and the Collector fighting for control, with the Collector's team, being dubbed the Red Team.[2]

As contestants entered and left the game, the Collector remained with most of the Iso-Sphere, while the Grandmaster was left with a sliver, that made him barely powerful. During a final all-or-nothing match for the Iso-Sphere, Maestro and Punisher betrayed the people they had summoned and took them down.[3] Maestro subsequently teleported to Grandmaster's HQ, and managed to defeat him due to the Grandmaster barely posessing any of the Iso-Sphere's power. The two portions of the Iso-Sphere desired to be with each other, prevented only by their owner's will. In a battle of minds, Maestro overtrumped the Collector's desire to possess the Iso-Sphere and acquired its entirety.

With entire control over the Iso-Sphere, Maestro casted out the Collector and the Grandmaster from the Battlerealm.[1] Together with the Punisher of 2099, they imprisoned the Red and Yellow Teams and attempted to kill them one by one.[4]

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