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The silent Red Widow was the latest product of the Red Room.[3] Originally a homeless girl, she was brought into the program when she was seven years old.[4] As a result of the Red Room's rigorous training, the Red Widow's body is covered in scabs and scars.[2]

Following the Russian government's decision to revamp their nation's premier super-team, the Winter Guard, the Red Widow was appointed as a member of the unit. Despite Crimson Dynamo acting as the leader of the Winter Guard, Red Widow often called the shots. During battle, she observed silently from a distance in order to report to her superiors.[3]

After Count Dracula surrendered himself to the Russian government under the pretense that he was weak and in the final days of his life, the Red Widow was tasked with interrogating him. To this end she rounded up Dracula's consorts and began killing them,[5] which forced him to disclose every last one of his secrets. Shortly afterward, the Winter Guard was attacked by the Legion of the Unliving, who were in the search for Dracula. Red Widow was the last member of the Winter Guard left standing until the Avengers arrived.[6]

When the cosmic force known as the Phoenix Force returned to Earth, it staged a contest to determine its next host, and the Red Widow was one of many individuals summoned to the White Hot Room for it. The Phoenix empowered the assembled champions and had them fight each other in trials by combat.[7] After easily emerging victorious from fighting Howard the Duck[4] and Black Knight,[8] Red Widow was pitted against Shanna the She-Devil and her sabertooth tiger Zabu.[9] The battle was even, but it was ultimately interrupted when Echo, one of the fallen contestants, was chosen by the Phoenix. Emerging from the ocean floor, Echo absorbed the portions of the Phoenix within Shanna and the Red Widow before doing the same to the other participants in the process of fully becoming the Phoenix.[2]




Master Combatant: The Red Widow is a bloodthirsty and skilled fighter with an unflinching battle stance.[3]


  • Red Widow's usual post-mission routine includes a hot milk bath and caviar.[10]
  • The Red Widow's room in the Winter Guard Mansion is filled with swords and knives which are impaled into the walls.[10]

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