Quote1.png You see me in all truth, Red Wolf of this Modern Age! I am that enemy of all injustice and wrongdoing who has dwelt unsleeping on these western plains! Into your hands I give the coup stick! On your shoulders falls my mantle. Fight crime! Destroy all lawlessness! This shall be your sacred trust-- from this day on! Quote2.png
-- Owayodata

Appearing in "Echo From a Golden Grave!"

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Synopsis for "Echo From a Golden Grave!"

Red Wolf witnesses a mugging, and stops it. He then accuses the victim, Rhonda, of not having anything in her purse worth stealing, and demands she get the film in her video camera developed. Once developed, they watch it and discover that the gangsters attempting to steal her camera, had been caught on film gunning someone down in a drive-by. Said gangsters show up just in time for Red Wolf to beat them up and turn them over to the police.

Coincidentally, The previous Red Wolf had failed to save Rhonda's great-grandfather, but did save the gold he had just prospected, and buried it with him. Knowing this, Rhonda secures the current Red Wolf's aid in finding the burial mound, and retrieves her lost family fortune.

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