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1872 #4

Quote1 This world, our home, changes so quickly I cannot keep up. But you, you belong out there. With them. As a child you showed no fear. You understand that the world is changing. You can be a bridge between both worlds, and offer peace to each. Quote2
-- Luyu

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Frontier boomtown Timely has more than its share of scoundrels: it takes a hero to keep them in line. Red Wolf — the Cheyenne who crossed the desert and stood up to Mayor Wilson Fisk in Secret Wars’ 1872 — is the only man who can fill fallen Sheriff Steve Rogers’ boots. As an outsider and an honest man, Red is going to need all his wits, and both his fists, to serve and protect. The tale of how Red Wolf wins the West starts in 1872, and will take him farther than he could ever imagine!

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