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The Redeemers
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A shared operation between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Commission on Superhuman Activities, the Redeemer program gives super-powered criminals a chance to regain their freedom by participating in a government controlled super-team.
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Old X-Factor Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
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The Reedemers were first formed to ferret out a conspiracy within the Commission on Superhuman Activities in a joint operation between Valerie Cooper and the V-Battalion. They were created as a mirror of the original Thunderbolts:

  • Citizen V - John Watkins III, the real grandson of the original Citizen V that Zemo pretended to be (possessed by Zemo at this time)
  • Smuggler - Conrad Josten, Atlas's younger brother, using Erik's second super-villain identity
  • Beetle - Leila Davis, an old foe of Abner Jenkins in his super-villain identity
  • Meteorite - Valerie Barnhardt, using Moonstone's heroic identity
  • Scream - analog to Screaming Mimi (and secretly her ex-boyfriend Angar the Screamer)
  • Fixer - formerly Techno of the Thunderbolts, back in his original criminal identity and forced to work for the CSA

The Redeemers managed to learn that the conspiracy involved a mind-controlled Henry Peter Gyrich. When the Redeemers confronted Gyrich, he used nanites to control them and make them fight the Thunderbolts team. After the Thunderbolts were disbanded and most members pardoned, Jolt and Charcoal were added to the Redeemer program. The team trained, briefly, with Captain America.[1]

Graviton returned to Earth, looking to fight the Thunderbolts. Finding the Redeemers at Mt. Charteris instead, he attacked and massacred the entire team. Scream vanished in a vacuum and Charcoal was ripped apart and spread across the desert as dust. The gravitational forces keeping Jolt's bioelectric form together were removed, dispersing her body, while Meteorite was left floating in the upper atmosphere to suffocate. The Beetle's armor was crushed into a tiny box and Smuggler was apparently hurled into the Sun. Citizen V and Fixer survived the assault, but the Redeemers were no more. Years later it was discovered that Smuggler had survived by teleporting into the darkforce dimension. Baron Zemo used Conrad's life as a bargaining chip to ensure Atlas would help him defeat Genis.


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  • Jolt was able to pull herself back together, and rejoin the Thunderbolts.

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