Redroot the Forest is a pure-blood mutant reclaimed from Amenth and the acting Voice of Arakko.[1]


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Redroot the Forest is a mutant from Amenth. As she is able to communicate with Arakko, she is known as its Voice. As the wielder of the blade called Alluvium, she was summoned to join the Swordbearers of Arakko, with trepidation.[1]

During Saturnyne's contest, Redroot competed in multiple challenges. She won an eating competition by using her fields of decay to rot the food before eating it. She also participated in a labyrinth escape and a fashion show.[3][4] During her final challenge, Redroot won a race against Captain Avalon thanks to the interference of Saturnyne's Furies. Unfortunately, during the race, Redroot broke a priceless Crystal Idol of Bombu and was imprisoned by Mad Jim Jaspers as payment.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Redroot the Forrest is a Omega-level pure-blood mutant with the following powers:


Redroot is exceedingly slow, barely able to walk at a fast pace.[3]




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