Claiming to have survived being a member of every major terrorist organization, Redshirt organized an organization made up of minions of these groups (Minions' International Liberation Front, or MILF for short). Using their combined resources he faked information that claimed Taskmaster was working for Steve Rogers, part of a plot to overthrow the Org and replace it with his own MILF.[1]

Confronting Taskmaster in Bolivia, Redshirt and his army attacked. While Taskmaster made short work of Redshirt's men, Redshirt's extraterrestrial combat techniques gave him an edge until, upon threatening Taskmaster's former wife Mercedes Merced, Taskmaster used his abilities to copy Redshirt's moves (and, in the process, losing the memory of his wife) and kill him.[2]


Redshirt received drug treatment A.I.M. to strengthen and lighten his skeleton to match Shi'ar physiognomy. He also underwent Gnostic torture in order to unlock an unused portion of his brain that lets him counter his opponents in unexpected ways.


Redshirt spent years mastering J'Kramak K'ythri, "The Wings of K'ythri", the fighting style of the alien Shi'ar.

  • A redshirt is a pop culture reference for a minor stock character who is usually killed violently.[3]

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