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The Reducing Ray was built by Doctor Doom. Doom intended to utilize the shrinking ray to reduce the Fantastic Four to nothingness. During battle with the Fantastic Four, an errant blast from Doom's gauntlet blaster struck the Reducing Ray's control panel, causing it to activate while he was standing directly in front of it, reducing him to nothingness.[1] This transported him to the microworld of Sub-Atomica.

In Sub-Atomica, Doom quickly used his technological genius to assume control of the Microworld and developed a new version of the Reducing Ray, which he used to toy with the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four, aided by Ant-Man, soon journeyed to Sub-Atomica and battled Doom, who used his recently-developed Enlarger Ray to return to Earth.[2]

One the two Reducing Rays eventually fell in the hands of the high-tech black market network known as Source Control.[3]


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