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The Reducta-Craft was a vessel created by Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four for travelling to the Microverse.[citation needed] The vehicle and its occupants shrink in size using Pym Particles until they breach the barrier between their native universe and the Microverse.[citation needed]

Original Model

The Reducta-Craft was first used when the Fantastic Four went searching for the Silver Surfer who had fled to the Microverse to escape his former master Galactus.[1] They eventually convinced the Surfer to return to Earth to face Galactus.[2] They were also returned to their proper universe by their foe the Psycho-Man when they convinced him that Galactus was a mutual threat.[3] However when they returned to Earth they found that Galactus had already been defeated.[4] Although the Reducta-Craft was left behind it was presumably recovered or rebuilt.[citation needed]

Sometime later, when the Psycho-Man returned to their universe to recover a suit of armor he previously lost to the Fantastic Four, the group's leader Mister Fantastic and his wife the Invisible Girl used the Reducta-Craft to investigate the theft by following Psycho-Man into the Microverse.[5] There they assisted the Micronauts in defeating Psycho-Man's latest scheme,[6] before using the Reducta-Craft to return home.[7] The original Reducta-Craft was later destroyed by an army of Antons sent to Earth by Prince Argon to thwart a the Micronauts return to their universe during a period that were stranded on Earth.[8] After many trials and tribulations, the Micronauts found their way home through other means.[9]

Second Model

When the Invisible Girl was captured by Psycho-Man and brought to the Microverse, Reed built a new Reducta-Craft in order for the Fantastic Four to rescue her. [10] When they succeeded in rescuing her, they returned to their native reality. [11] This model was seemingly destroyed when the Fantastic Four's headquarters the Four Freedoms Plaza was destroyed by Kristof Vernard.[12]

Third Model

During a period in which Mister Fantastic seemingly perished,[13] the Invisible Woman refused to believe her husband had died. By this time the Fantastic Four's ally the Black Panther built a new Reducta-Craft for them. The Fantastic Four used it on an unsuccessful trip to the Microverse to search for Reed there.[14] The FF later found that Reed was alive and well and he returned to the team later.[15]

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