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Redwing is a remote piloted drone of Samuel Wilson. It was used during an attempt by several members of the Avengers to track the movements of a gang of mercenaries in a densely populated district of Lagos, Nigeria. Redwing was effective in expanding the team's aerial surveillance capabilities, and also provided direct air support for Natasha Romanoff in the unfolding confrontation.[2]


Redwing is typically stored in the central body of Sam Wilson's Falcon flight harness, and can be launched to perform reconnaissance, remote communication, and remote attacks. The control device is a touch screen mounted on Wilson's left bracer.

  • Flight: Redwing is capable of flight equal to those of Exo-7 Falcon.
  • Scanner: Redwing has a specialized camera that can view objects in 360 degrees. It also has tracking software that allows Falcon to be able to close in on hidden targets and assist in identifying a target's weak spots.
  • Machine Guns: Redwing has twin small machine guns that can extend from both of its wings.

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