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Quote1 I've worked side by side with the greatest tactical minds in history: Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. Because of that, I too am a master strategist. Quote2


Redwing is a falcon that was bought by Sam Wilson while in Rio. The two share a telepathic link, a result of the Red Skull's manipulation of the Cosmic Cube.[4]

When Sam Wilson became the new Captain America, Redwing remained at his side. During Wilson's first mission as Cap, Redwing helped his friend fight Hydra agents in the Ecuadorian basement.[5] Redwing then followed Sam to Paris to stop Baron Blood from completing Hydra's plan to sterilize the entire population. There, the bird was bitten by the vampire but managed to survive.[6]

When it was discovered that Karl Malus used Redwing's DNA in his experiment on Joaquin Torres, Claire Temple stated to Captain America that Redwing had some vampiric traits due to Baron Blood's bite, which explained why Joaquin Torres' mutations haven't reverted.[7]


Redwing is fiercely loyal and intelligent, but also vain, frequently boasting of his accomplishments and association with Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers while displaying a slightly cavalier attitude towards other heroes' pets like Chewie and Lucky.[8]


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  • Telepathic Link: Thanks to the Cosmic Cube, Redwing shares a telepathic link with the Sam Wilson alias the Falcon. This link allows Redwing to understand orders given to him in English, whether verbally or telepathically by the Falcon. Due to the link, the Falcon can telepathically see through the eyes of Redwing and other birds in his vicinity, allowing him to psychically "see" what Redwing sees.
  • Vampiric Traits: Due to Barons Blood's bite, Redwing became a vampiric bird, but without the usual weaknesses of vampires.[7]
  • Flight Like all falcons, Redwing is able to fly.

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