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Reed Richards acquired his universe's Infinity Gauntlet and founded the Council. Somewhere along the way, found his father again, but was so disgusted by the ravening lunatic he found that he turned away.

His attempt to convince Reed-616 to join the Council involved journeying into superspace and removing exotic matter which would otherwise have destroyed a sun and killed billions.

He was the only one of the three founders to survive Reed-616 leaving the Council, eventually threatening Victor von Doom with a brain-damping collar and running to Latveria to build The Bridge again and return home after his plan to control the World failed. After entering the Bridge (to the place where the Council of the Reed Richards was) they where attacked by Celestials and was killed by using the Ultimate Nullifier.[citation needed]



  • Reed Richards has his universe's Infinity Gauntlet


  • Reed once referred to spending years considering the people of Latveria "enablers" for not overthrowing Doctor Doom. Whether he was talking about the many Doctor Dooms he has interacted with, or specifically about the Doctor Doom of his own universe (or whether it even has one), is unknown.

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