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Quote1 What. A. Prize. This is Nathaniel Richards. [...] Did you know that these 'fathers' spent all of time on a suicidal quest to destroy themselves? That they left everyone that loved them behind? That he left me behind? We Reeds learned that lesson very well. Quote2
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Reed Richards of Earth-12498 was one of the three founders of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds, each with an Infinity Gauntlet.[1] When the Council was annihilated by the Mad Celestials, Reed-12498 narrowly escaped.[2] On Earth-616, he instigated the War of Four Cities and built the Sol's Anvil to fight the Mad Celestials,[3] though he did not use it. He was killed in a failed attempt at destroying a Mad Celestial with the Ultimate Nullifier.[4]


Reed Richards acquired his universe's Infinity Gauntlet and founded the Interdimensional Council of Reeds, along with his "brothers" Reed-99107 and Reed-98570.[1] Somewhere along the way, he found his father, the "Beast," but was so disgusted by the ravening lunatic that he turned away.[5]

Earth-12498 from Fantastic Four Vol 1 571

When the Council contacted Reed Richards of Earth-616 when he activated the Bridge, each of the three founders spent time with him to show him the workings of the Council and what they did. For Reed-12498, he and Reed-616 journeyed into the upper dimensional space of his home universe to monitor a star and Reed-616 helped remove exotic matter which would otherwise have destroyed a sun and killed billions. Soon after, Mad Celestials from Earth-4280 attacked the Council and killed the other two Reed founders. With his Infinity Gauntlet and a Universal Entropy Gun, he was able to repel them temporarily.[6]

Celestials and Interdimensional Council of Reeds (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 583 002

Escaping to Earth-616

When the Mad Celestials soon returned, they annihilated the rest of the Council except Reed-12498 and three others, who just barely escaped to Earth-616 thanks to Valeria Richards.[2] The four Reeds then orchestrated the War of the Four Cities in order to utilize the power of the Forever City, Old Atlantis, the Blue Area of the Moon, and the Negative Zone for the Sol's Anvil, a devestating weapon to be used against the Mad Celestials.[3] During the war, he captured Victor von Doom with a brain-damping collar and went to Latveria. He was met with Nathaniel Richards of Earth-616, the one to survive the Great Hunt that purged the other Nathaniels, and the Future Foundation. They rebuilt the Bridge and used to return to the base of the Council of Reeds. When they encountered the Mad Celestials, Reed attempted to use the Ultimate Nullifier against one of them, but the attack failed, Reed was destroyed, and the Celestial was unharmed.[7]



Reed Richards (Earth-12498) and Infinity Gauntlet (Item) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 572 001

Using his Infinity Gauntlet against the Mad Celestials




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