When Reed's experiment to teleport an apple from one point to another was a complete success, he went on to make first contact with an alien race known as the Skrulls, who also turned out to be related to the Chitauri. The Skrulls appeared to be a peaceful race and even provided mankind with Skrull Pills which not only rid the world of disease but granted any who ingested them super powers. Reed was elected Vice-President to Thor, but was later betrayed by the Skrulls when those same pills turned out to be a weapon which eventually killed everyone who ingested them. Reed died while fighting Super-Skrull. He restrained Super-Skrull while Johnny Storm tried to incinerate the villain. However, while Reed was incinerated, Super-Skrull was unfazed.[1]


Seemingly those of Reed Richards of Earth-616.

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