This zombie version of Mister Fantastic shared a similar history to his Earth-2149 counterpart. When the Marvel simians invaded Earth-21050, Mister Fantastic was stretched to the limits by the super-apes and was reduced to a functional head. He was able to control the stretchiness of his innards and infiltrated Magneto's lair where he hold Jane Potter hostage. He decided to instead help Speedball, Spider-Monkey, Magneto, Gorilla Girl and Ape-X in reversing the conflict between zombies and simians from ever happening by utilizing his time-machine in the Baxter Building. After arriving at the Baxter Building, Richards tricked Jane Potter in killing Magneto, in ensuring from allowing any resistance from Magneto in keeping the zombie outbreak to happen in their dimension. Richards was then later killed by Ape-X after the time machine was in place.

After time was restarted, allowing that the zombie universe never encountered the Marvel Apes' universe, Mister Fantastic didn't 'died' and still remained as a zombie. Though the events was what caused a divergence from the mainstream zombie universe of Earth-2149, in which Richards was responsible for bringing the zombie Sentry to his universe, and naturally creating Earth-21050.[1]


Seemingly those of the Reed Richards of Earth-616.

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