Quote1 Forgive me, Susan...This is for you. Quote2
-- Reed Richards src

In a world with no superhumans, Reed Richards was a quiet farmer who lived with his wife Susan and their two children on what he called the Fantastic Farm, due to his mechanical inventions that he built. One day while working he was approached by Namor who traveled there during an Incursion between both their worlds.

Reed invited Namor inside with his family to discuss his reason for being there. He told him about the decay of the Multiverse, but most important that a group of individuals called the Cabal were on their way there also to decimate the planet before destroying it. Namor handed Reed the detonator in hopes that he would do the right thing.

As the Cabal showed up and a fight broke out between Namor and Thanos, which acted as a diversion allowing Reed to activate the anti-matter bomb to destroy the planet, knowing it would result in his and his family's death as well.[1]

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