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By his mid-forties, Reed Richards was a science-hero, using a suit of advanced gadgetry to build a better world. However, his researches led to him discovering The Council, an interdimensional alliance of different versions of Reed Richards who pool their skill, wisdom and drive to solve... pretty much everything. However, as a price, he decided to leave his universe go on without him, forsaking friends and family in service of the mission.[citation needed]

Richards served with distinction, until the day his pride got the better of him. The Celestials of his universe had become convinced that they were truly gods themselves, as so many lesser races believed them to be. Richards attempted to stop them on his own, but was unsuccessful. As punishment, the Celestials took his mind apart, then inexpertly reassembled it. In the process, they learned of the Council, and its interdimensional headquarters, from which they could conquer all of reality.[citation needed]

Richards was sent back to the Council, and helped his brothers turn back the eldritch menaces. However, afterwards he admitted that he had lost the "spark" of inventive genius which makes a Reed Richards truly fantastic.[citation needed]

Along with his allies on the Council, Richards managed to break in to Earth-616. In the course of the Council's plans, he was captured by the Kree and used as one of the base components for a new incarnation of the Supreme Intelligence. Although he may biologically still be alive, Richards as he was known before is no longer.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


  • Formerly - Genius-level inventive intellect - Richards demonstrated an enviable grasp of physics energy theory and technological prowess, allowing him to build a Bridge - a device capable of accessing transdimensional space. Although he still possess the knowledge, he no longer has the ability to make the logic leaps that made him such a formidable inventor.[citation needed]

Physical Strength

  • Reed Richards maintains the strength of a healthy adult human male who engages in moderate regular exercise.[citation needed]


  • His ordeal with the Celestials may have left him with psychological issues.[citation needed]





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