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Reed Richards is a child prodigy prone to causing accidents that end in him getting in trouble despite his brilliant mind. At age 6, Reed was expelled from high school at the Van Dyne-Pym Academy of Sciences for burning down the school’s main wing with cosmic fire after burning a textbook for robotics written by Tony Stark. At age 7, Reed was expelled from the Von Doom Academy for causing another fire in his first semester. At age 10, Reed was enrolled in the prestigious Future Foundation but was expelled for causing an incident involving cosmic ice. At age 11, Reed began a summer internship with an alternate Reed Richards, but at age 12 Reed’s mentor was killed by a malevolent Reed Richards who went rogue across the multiverse. Reed killed the rogue Reed in a duel with cosmic fire.[1]

While in Earth-65, Spider-Woman encountered him and wanted him to devise a way for her to get back to the Prime Marvel Universe after S.I.L.K. Agent 77 stole Gwen's Dimensional Travel Watch.[2]



Genius-Level Intellect: Reed is shown to be a prodigy and is talented at making inventions and is especially skilled in using cosmic fire. He is classed as an ultra-autodidact, being largely self-taught in much of his studies.


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