Quote1 A man of your considerable intelligence should know that you can't be "fantastic" without a well-balanced diet. Quote2
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Reed Richards seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart. As Mister Fantastic, he led the superhero team the Fantastic Four.[2]

Queelocke's Really Big New York Adventure!

Mister Fantastic detected a dimensional transporter in the Atlantic Ocean. He and Invisible Woman left to investigate, but were unable to find the creature. They returned to Baxter Building to find Human Torch and The Thing in a battle with Gen¹³.

ack and started a fight between Gen¹³ and the Fantastic Four. Their fight escalated until Reed and Sue returned. They found that Ben and Johnny had their pet, Qeelocke, in a containment cell. He outgrew has cage and escaped while the creature in the atlantic rampaged throughout New York City. Mister Fantastic theorized that Qeelocke and the creature was drawn to one another and getting ready to fight each other. The two teams agreed to work together, but were unable to stop the beasts. Instead, they drew them to Central Park to avoid civilian casualties. The two creatures engaged, subverting expectations by mating rather than fighting. Once Qeelocke returned to normal, the two teams went their separate ways.[1]


Seemingly those of the Reed Richards of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Reed Richards of Earth-616.

  • Reed's work was used in the creation of Gen¹³, but it is unknown if his research was stolen or if he was a part of I.O..[1]

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