The past history of Reed Richards of Earth-774 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point when Bruce Banner was transformed into the Hulk. In this reality, the Hulk retained his human intelligence in his Hulk form and as such would be asked by Reed to help cure his fellow Fantastic Four teammate Ben Grimm of being the Thing. Working together, Richards and Banner would succeed in curing Ben. Ultimately this would lead to the end of the Fantastic Four as Ben would leave to pursue a normal relationship with is girlfriend Alicia Masters, and Johnny to go to college to pursue an education.

Reed and Sue would remain at the Baxter Building and eventually invite Bruce and his wife Betty to live with them. Reed and Banner would be joined by Charles Xavier in working on various research projects and they would eventually invent the Psychotron, a device that could combine beings into one single being of immense power.

When the Earth would be menaced by Galactus, Richards, Banner and Xavier would use the Psychotron to merge into the X-Man to battle with Galactus. While the X-Man would defeat Galactus, the aftermath of the battle would see Richards and his partners lose their super-human abilities and Ben Grimm being changed back into the Thing -- albeit a more powerful and savage version that would become a menace to humanity[1].

Reed's current activities following this remain unrevealed.


Previously the same as Reed Richards of 616, now none.

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