The past history of Reed Richards of Earth-7812 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the time of Bruce Banner's Gamma Bomb test. In this reality, it would be Rick Jones bombarded with Gamma rays and turned into the Hulk. Banner would contain Rick until he could find a cure, unlike on Earth-616 where Banner would become the Hulk and clash with Richards and his group the Fantastic Four. What effect Rick's becoming the Hulk had on the early history of the Fantastic Four remain unrecorded.

Years later, after Rick Jones had bonded with the Kree hero Captain Marvel, Rick's girlfriend would seek out Banner to help save Rick from becoming the Hulk and pull him out of the Negative Zone. Banner would seek the assistance of Richards as he was the leading expert on the Negative Zone. Working together, Richard and Banner would improve a Gamma ray device that helped temporarily cure Rick of being the Hulk in the past. Using the device, they would split Rick from his Hulk persona and Richards would use his stretching powers to pull Rick out of the Negative Zone, straining his powers to the limit.

Richards would discuss how to alter the Gammatron device to try and cure his teammate the Thing. The outcome of this collaboration and Richards subsequent activities remain unrevealed.[1]


Seemingly those of Reed Richards (Earth-616)#Powers

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