The history of this incarnation of Reed Richards presumably mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, up until the moment that his wife, Sue, became pregnant with their second child.

The child however turned out to be a monster: a succubus who drained the life energy of others. It already began while she was still an unborn baby in her mother's womb. Over time, Sue’s pregnancy took a horrible toll on her. She got weaker by the day and almost skeletal, soon losing her invisibility powers. When she gave birth to her child, she died in the process. Reed named the baby Sue in order to deal with the loss of his wife.

As the years go by, only Franklin Richards realized what a monster his sister really is, but Reed remained extremely protective of her and refused to listen to Franklin's warnings or evidence. He even went so far as to beat Franklin for insulting his sister. Meanwhile, more and more people fell victim to young Susan, including Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, and Alicia Masters. Finally, Franklin took a trip to Latveria and got an audience with Dr. Doom. Going over the evidence, the two decided that Susan was a succubus of some sort. Doom had interest in this since with her growing power rate, she could one day be a threat to Latveria. When they returned to the Four Freedoms Plaza, Reed blocked their path, having gone completely mad under Suzy's influence. Doom, seeing that Reed was beyond reasoning, knocked him out. Right then, Suzy finally revealed that Franklin was right by assuming her true, monstrous form. Reed apologized to Franklin for not believing him before being devoured by his daughter.[1]


Seemingly those of Mister Fantastic of Earth-616.

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