Reed Richards achieved great temporal power, marked by a fondness for white suits. He acquired his universe's Infinity Gauntlet and founded the Council, where parrallel versions of Reed Richards unite to solve... pretty much everything.

He terra-formed a 25-square-mile patch of land on a barren, unhabitable planet, called the Farm, which provides food for those that have none.[1]

His effort to convince Reed-616 to join the Council consisted of showing him a farming concern on an otherwise barren planet, where the Council grows food for worlds in the grip of famine

However, soon afterwards, he was killed when the Council was attacked by the Mad Celestials of Universe 4280. However, he was wearing his reality-warping Infinity Gauntlet at the time, so it is possible that he might have survived.




Seemgly those of Reed Richards (Earth-616).


  • Two possible explanations present themselves for Richards' white suit. The first is that he achieved great wealth; the second is that he somehow achieved the power of the Beyonder.
  • Reed Richards may be native to Earth-8901, but this has not yet been confirmed.
  • Some time after his death, his universe's Infinity Gauntlet was claimed by Doom of Universe 616

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