Mister Fantastic, along with the rest of the Illuminati hunted the Infinity Stones down in order to keep them safe as they were too powerful to remain at large. They split the Stones between themselves and vowed never to use them, a vow that was eventually broken by Iron Man, who used the Reality Stone in his possession to subtly alter their reality, changing the events of the Super Hero Civil War to his own benefits.[1] It is unknown whether Reed received the Power Gem as his Earth-616 counter-part did.

When President Stark and his Mighty Avengers were kidnapped by Maestro (a Hulk from an alternate dimension), the Thunderbolts were sent by Reed Richards to Battlerealm, a broken section of space-time at the edge of everything to where the teleport trail left behind by Maestro led to.[2]


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe's counterpart.

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