Professor Regean Lexico learned of the powerful energy source he dubbed "Star Dust" that he learned was located on the so-called star named Cygni. Knowing that it was a powerful replacement for radium, he and his daughter Tesi stowed away on the rocket owned by Zephyr Jones. Initially holding Zephyr and his pal Corky Grogan at gunpoint, Zephyr ultimately agreed to go to Cygni after learning why the professor desired to travel there. On the "star", Lexico sprayed both Zephyr and Corky with a chemical that would allow them to survive on the surface. Lexico and his daughter were soon captured by the dwarfish Cygnians and needed to be rescued by Zephyr and Corky. After their attackers were buried under tons of rock, they collected 50 pounds of "Star Dust" and left for a return trip from Earth.[2]

Lexico's final fate remains unrevealed.

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Regean Lexico is a brilliant scientist and astronomer. He invented a chemical compound that would allow humans to survive on the "star" Cygni unaided.



Lexico was armed with a pistol.

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