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Regenix was a designer made supplement headed by Yashida Corporate Industries headed by Shin Harada, the second silver samurai.[1] A crooked employee was purposefully betraying company secrets in order to deal with his debt problems, selling the incomplete formula to gangsters who then ran it on the black market for personal gain.[2]

Gorgon, who had been vying for an alliance with Clan Yashida for years; attempted an abrupt takeover of the Yashida Corp from it's current owner by replacing him with a proxy head The Hand had recently resurrected.

In doing so, they also acquired access to a fresh supply to the substance as well as the company product's creators.[3] Through it, he was able to enhance it's undead assassins with potent regenerative abilities. But supplies were running low and Gorgon began to lose patience for waiting on the opportunity to make more.[2]

Eventually Logan came to Japan while on his lonely trek through the world, running into some thugs juiced up on the designer substance. Eventually ending up working with Shin and the revived Mariko to aid in its destruction to cripple Tomi's plans and protect the common good.[4]

Eventually as he and Mariko hunted down the last of the Regenix in Madripoor, James was fatally injured while battling the hand for it. With no other option left, she used the last of the Regenix to save his life before departing on her own.[5]


As the name inclines. Regenix bestows accelerated regeneration abilities upon its host rivaling that of Logan or The Hulk, but the effects of said healing factor was limited and unstable.[1]

Not only was Regenix addictive as it was short lived.[4] But prolonged use of the pharmaceutical caused fatal muscle cell degeneration which would inevitably kill its host after repeated application.[2]

It also lost its effectiveness when individuals dosed on it were exposed to low temperatures, like in a freezer or upon exposure to Liquid Nitrogen.

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