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Reginald Carter

Reginald Carter was a big game hunter who contracted a rare brain disease while hunting deep in the jungles of Africa. This disease caused a man to become violent and drawn to murder in the light of a full moon. Advanced symptoms of the disease led to complete insanity and eventually death.

Infected with the disease, Reginald returned to his mansion in New York City. When the disease took root, he developed the identity of the Javelin using spears he collected from Africa to murder his victims. After a series of murders, he sent a taunting note to the chief of police, putting the Human Torch and Toro on his trail. Tracking the Javelin down, the pair failed to stop him from killing another victim. Ready for the two heroes by arming himself with a carbon dioxide spraying gun, the Javelin knocked the two firebugs out. Before he could kill them, the police came knocking at the door, and the Javelin instead left his murder weapons behind, framing the Torch for the murders.

A fugitive from the law, the Torch sought out his colleague, weapons expert Edwin Rushings who told the heroes of the javelins' origins and of the brain disease associated with the region they came from. Later, the Javelin detonated a fire boat in New York Harbor and in the confusion kidnapped Toro, but not before Rushings could see his face. Recognizing the Javelin as Carter, Rushing told the Torch the location of the game hunter's home.

The Torch entered the Javelin's home but got caught off guard and strapped into a rack device. While the Javelin was distracted with the Torch, Toro used his flame powers to melt his CO2 gun, allowing the Torch to get free unimpeded. The Javelin attempted to escape, but not even CO2 foam or a pair of hungry lions could stop the flaming duo from capturing him and turning him over to the authorities, clearing the Torch's name in the process.[1]

The fate of Reginald Carter is unknown.


Reginald Carter is a master hunter.


Carter was infected with a rare brain disease that would cause him to go on murderous rampages under the light of the full moon. Advanced stages of this disease would lead to total insanity and later death. Treatments or cures for this disease are unknown.


When operating as the Javelin, Reginald Carter used ceremonial hunting spears that were used by an unidentified African tribe. They had red handles and had carved replicas of skulls on the opposite end of the point. He also utilized a carbon dioxide gun that sprayed carbon dioxide gas and carbon foam bombs which he used to snuff out the Human Torch and Toro's flames. He also utilized two trained lions to attack his victims and a rack device to torture them.

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