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When Reginald Mantz was a baby, his father ran away.[1]

Reginald Mantz later worked as an orderly at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City. He first fell in love with Dagger when he first saw her picture in the Daily Bugle. He then framed Cloak for attacking Dagger by acquiring MGH from Pusher Man. Mantz next visited Dagger's hospital room and gave her flowers from a "secret admirer."[2]

Dagger started to use her healing light, causing Mantz to use his powers to absorb it. Mantz subsequently encountered Luke Cage and Spider-Woman, who tried to stop him. Mantz threw Luke Cage at Spider-Woman, causing them both to crash out of the window.

Mantz brought Dagger to the hospital roof, where he met the Runaways. Mantz absorbed Nico's sunburst spell and used the added strength to knock Gertrude off the side. While Victor jumped down to save her, Chase used the Staff of One to cast a detoxification spell on Mantz. The real Cloak then transported the Runaways back to Los Angeles while police cars surrounded the hospital.[1]


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Used MGH to temporarily replicate the powers of Cloak.

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