Below is a list of members of Reign (Earth-70237).


Blasko (Earth-70237)

Blasko (Earth-70237) from Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 1 0001


Together with his partner he was on patrol when they met J. Jonah Jameson, who, walking down the street, insulted loudly and spat on the road surface irritating Blasko who was calmed by his partner making him notice that he was only an old man.[1]

Karl (Earth-70237)

Karl (Earth-70237) from Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 1 0001


Together with his partner they tried to calm an enraged Jameson who was damaging a car with his walker, and when Karl approached him, Jameson struck him with the walker, so Karl and his partner began to beat Jameson heavily and only a masked Peter Parker intervention put an end to the beating and he himself badly beat the two members of Reign.[1]

Morty (Earth-70237)

Morty (Earth-70237) from Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 2 0001


Together with other members of Reign he tried to control a gathering of civilians when Hypno-Hustler appeared trying to hypnotize them with his music, but the stacks of his radio were so exhausted that the hypnosis ceased and the members of Reign killed Hypno-Hustler.[2]

West (Earth-70237)

West (Earth-70237) from Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 3 0001


West was a member of Reign disgusted by Venom assaulting the protesters in the streets. He tried to escape but was killed by a member of the Reign itself.[3]