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Rek-Rap (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 17 001

Rek-Rap without the symbiote

Rek-Rap was a demon of Limbo who came to idolize Spider-Man after being rescued by him. Calling himself "Parker-Man", the demon applied to join the Insidious Six but was rejected by Chasm for his heroic aspirations. Dejected, the demon was approached by an alchemist demon who offered to help and bonded him to a symbiote, which merged with the demon's Spider-Man T-shirt to take on an appearance similar to Spider-Man's costume.[1]

Transformed into a bulky cross between Spider-Man and Venom, the demon named himself Rek-Rap and joined Spider-Man in fighting the Insidious Six. Despite being annoyed by Rek-Rap's mangling of his catchphrases, Spider-Man was touched by the demon's sincerity and gave him advice on how to be a superhero.[2] After Chasm was defeated and Madelyne Pryor regained the throne of Limbo, Rek-Rap returned to Limbo and disappeared.[3]

When Norman Osborn returned to his evil Green Goblin persona, Rek-Rap assisted Ms. Marvel in fighting him. However, during the confrontation, Rek-Rap was impaled by Osborn's Goblin Glider, dying in the process.[4]



Seemingly those of Spider-Man combined with those of a symbiote.



Web-Whanging: Due to his symbiote, Rek-Rap possesses organic web-shooters that he can use to web-swing... or as he calls it, web-whang.


  • Rek-Rap's name is "Parker" spelled backwards.


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