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Remus first appeared during the battle between Romulus and Wolverine, stabbing Romulus with her sword from behind. She cautioned Wolverine that her attack wouldn't keep him down for long, and further warned him, as he was about to pass out, that he would need to 'heal up.' She went in to kiss Wolverine as he passed out and whispered something incomprehensible to the reader in his ear.

Remus later appeared once again to aid Wolverine in a fight against Sabretooth clones, remarking that he 'looks like hell.' Further flirting with him, she passed him one of her swords, which Logan then used to blow the facility up. As the two were escaping from the exploding building, Remus remarked that their ride was here and ran over to a descending helicopter. The two quickly boarded as the entire Weapon X complex was engulfed in fire.

Wolverine soon after remembered where else he had heard her unusual accent before, and demanded to know Remus's identity. She reluctantly complied and imparted to Logan that she is Remus, the twin sister of Romulus. She then asked Wolverine a favor, and that was for him to kill her twin.

Powers and Abilities


Remus's superhuman powers are similar to those of her twin brother Romulus's.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Remus has an accelerated Healing Factor as was shown when she fell and hit some rocks to the point that a huge part of her flesh was removed from her skeleton she healed in moments.
  • Advanced Longevity: Remus said she witnessed the Hunnic, Roman, and Greek Empires.[1]
  • Unique Bone Structure: Possesses an indestructible skeleton of unknown material.
  • Retractable Claws: She possesses one on each wrist.

She also claimed to have other undisclosed powers.


  • Like her brother Romulus, Remus shares her name with one of the twin brothers of Rome's foundation myth. In the myth they were also stated to be the sons of Aeneas, the son of Venus.

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