Gambit was once the leader of the New Orleans Thieves Guild, together with his wife Bella Donna. During one of his trips, he met a recently transformed Bloodstorm, and joined forces with her. At her side, Gambit became mortally wounded and at his request, Bloodstorm reluctantly bit him in the neck and turned him into a vampire.[1]

On their way Mr. Sinister's headquarters, Gambit and Bloodstorm rescued a cloned girl and boy. The girl was named Raven. Remy decided to adopt her and went back to New Orleans and the Thieves Guild to live with Bella Donna and his new daughter. After the Guild was invaded by Remy's treacherous brother-in-law, Julien, Bella Donna was killed and Gambit agreed to join Havok's Six.[1]

When things became too dangerous for Raven to stay around her dad, Gambit send her to live with Magneto and the X-Men on the moon. He went along with several more missions with the Six, until Dracula attacked. In the heat of the attack, Gambit decided to make sure he and his daughter were safe, and fled away in a plane from his teammates while they were getting slaughtered. What became of him since is unknown.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Remy LeBeau (Earth-616)#Powers, plus Vampire powers, such as turning to mist and flying.


Direct sunlight, stakes through the heart, garlic, crosses



Playcards and bo-staff


Stolen plane

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