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Gambit was born and raised in New Orleans. He was brought into the Thieves Guild by his brother Bobby, serving the guild loyally for many years. He began a relationship with Bella Donna, chosen of the rival Assassins Guild, and the two were eventually engaged to be wed. But Gambit grew tired of the endless feud between the Assassins and the Thieves. Realizing the guilds would never permit him and Bella Donna to be together, he left her and the guild.[2]


At some point, Gambit joined the X-Men. While at a mall with Storm and Rogue, they encountered Jubilee, a young mutant being pursued by Sentinels. They rescued her and brought her back to their headquarters. The X-Men soon realized that the Mutant Control Agency was giving up registered mutants to the Sentinels, which would then hunt them down. The X-Men infiltrated the agency's headquarters, and destroyed their database. Gambit participated in the assault on the agency, but the X-Men were soon overwhelmed by the arriving Sentinels. Two of their members, Beast, who was captured, and Morph, who was seemingly killed, were lost during the mission[3] Gambit and the other X-Men eventually found the Sentinel's headquarters and destroyed it.[3]

Gambit learned of rumors that the nation of Genosha was welcoming mutants. Gambit told the others of these rumors, but was initially reprimanded by Cyclops, who disapproved of him spreading unfounded rumors. Xavier interrupted the argument, and encouraged the X-Men to investigate Genosha, prompting Cyclops to send Storm, Gambit and Jubilee to investigate. The rumors turned out to be a ruse, as the Genoshans were luring mutants to their country in order to enslave them, and force them to construct a dam.[4] Jubilee attempted to orchestrate an escape, but Gambit went behind her back and told the Genoshans of her plans, allowing them to put the revolt down. Gambit learned that the dam was a front to power a Master Mold, a Sentinel capable of creating other Sentinels. He managed to escape, with the aid of Cable, who also provided him with a key to the control-collars the Genoshans were using to suppress the mutants' powers. Gambit returned to the Genoshan camp and freed Storm and Jubilee, as well as the other mutant captives. Together, they managed to destroy the dam, and the Sentinels within.[5]

Days of Future Past

The time-traveler Bishop came to the present in order to avert a future where the Sentinels ruled the world. He accused Gambit of betraying the X-Men by assassinating Senator Robert Kelly, thus bringing about this grim future.[6] The X-Men indulged Bishop's suspicions, due in no small part to Gambit's mysterious past. Bishop and Wolverine watched over Gambit while the rest of the X-Men went to avert the assassination. Gambit managed to shake the two, and headed to D.C. in order to clear his name by preventing the assassination himself. The assassin was revealed to be the shape-shifting Mystique, who hoped to pin the assassination on Gambit and the X-Men. Gambit arrived just in time to stop her from killing Kelly.[7]

Return to New Orleans

Gambit was contacted by an old colleague from the Thieves Guild, informing him that his brother Bobby had been kidnapped by the Assassins Guild, along with the tithe needed to save the Thieves from the wrath of the X-Ternal. Gambit travelled to New Orleans to save his brother, even after learning that the Thieves intended to exchange him for Bobby and the tithe. Gambit was captured by Bella Donna, who aimed to force him to marry her, as he had promised so long ago. While she released Bobby, she had secretly exchanged the Thieves' tithe for a false one, knowing this would result in the Thieves' deaths. During the tithe offering ceremony, Gambit exposed her plan, prompting a brawl between the Thieves, Assasins and X-Men, who had come to help Gambit. Jean Grey used her powers to show the X-Ternal Bella Donna's betrayal. The X-Ternal allowed the Thieves to choose her fate. Gambit asked the X-Ternal to de-power her, but to spare her life. Telling her he was neither a thief nor an assassin, but an X-Man, Gambit returned his wedding ring to her, and left.[2]

Professor X, Beast, and Gambit went to Asteroid M to speak with Magneto. On the asteroid, the X-Men were blamed for the murder of Magneto and chased off the asteroid.[8] Gambit stayed behind to give the others a chance to escape. He was later rescued by the X-Men.[9] After this harrowing adventure, he and Rogue took some time away from the X-Men together.[10]



Seemingly those of the Remy LeBeau of Earth-616.



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  • At some point, Gambit encountered Ghost Rider.[11]
  • He also guest starred in Spider-Man in the 1990s in the fourth and fifth episodes of Season 2, along with the rest of the X-Men.

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