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Quote1.png This is not my home. I am not thief or assassin. I am an X-Man, and I'm never coming back. Quote2.png


Gambit was insecure about whether the X-Men trust him, despite being loyal to the team. He also had a love-hate relationship with fellow teammate Rogue. When Gambit, Jubilee, and Storm were captured by Sentinels on Genosha, he pretended to abandon the captured mutants, but only to escape and return to rescue them.[2] The time traveler Bishop accused Gambit of betraying the X-Men by assassinating Senator Robert Kelly.[3] The traitor was revealed to be the shape-shifting Mystique disguised as Gambit.[4] Gambit was once a member of the Thieves Guild, and had a romantic relationship with Bella Donna.[5] Gambit maintained a flirtatious relationship with Rogue, eventually telling her that he loved her,[6] though nothing more seemed to come from this.

Professor X, Beast, and Gambit went to Asteroid M to speak with Magneto. On the asteroid, the X-Men were blamed for the murder of Magneto and chased off the asteroid.[7] Gambit stayed behind to give the others a chance to escape. He was later rescued by the X-Men.[8]

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Seemingly those of the Remy LeBeau of Earth-616.



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  • At some point, Gambit encountered Ghost Rider.[9]
  • He also guest starred in Spider-Man in the 1990s in the fourth and fifth episodes of Season 2, along with the rest of the X-Men.

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