First seen running from Magnus' Metal Warriors, he runs across a pair travelling with a hay cart. Begging them to hide him or the rebellion is doomed, the woman tells him to hide beneath the hay. However, the soldiers catch up quickly, foiling his attempt. In response, he rushes to fight them alongside Longshot and the man from the cart. The three are quickly defeated by the Soldiers.

As their leader orders the other soldiers to kill Longshot and the peasants, they hear a sound from the forest, Longshot claiming it to be 'her'. The Soldier dismisses her as a rumor. However, as he sends the rest of the guards to kill Longshot and his allies, a blast from above interrupts them, Jubilee having come to rescue them.

After being rescued, Jubilee asks why the soldiers were interested in capturing him, Remy revealing that he had stolen the second half of the MacTaggert Crystal. He was supposed to return it to Magnus, but knowing what would happen if he did, Remy instead gave the sorcerer a fake, hiding his half away in the Cavern of the Lost, the secret stronghold of the Guild of Thieves.

After defeating Sabretooth inside the guild, Xavier the All-Knowing advises them on what to do next. Setting off to storm Magnus' castle, Remy uncovers an entrance to the dungeons, which should lead them to the vault where Magnus kept his half of the crystal. While Logan expresses distrust in the thief, he leads them to the vault, even unlocking it for them.

The three are soon trapped by Magnus himself, whilst trying to fight, Remy is easily captured along with the others. After Jubilee defeats Magnus, Remy was present at the celebration, but leaves with Jubilee and Logan to continue their adventures.[1]


Seemingly those of Gambit of Earth-616 but with lesser fighting abilities.


Staff: While he wields a staff, this Remy does not seem to be much of a fighter, instead leaving the combat to Logan and Jubilee.

Key: Remy carries the key to Magnus' vault.

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