Gambit used to be a member of the X-Men and dated Rogue until he betrayed them and stole information for Mister Sinister from Cerebro. He unexpectedly returned and proposed marriage to Rogue, but she turned him down and told him to leave. He left but was also followed by Rogue. Rogue caught him stealing a tithe box from an underground city, but he managed to get away. Rogue later confronted Gambit who revealed that he stole the tithe box for Sinister in exchange for a serum that would allow Rogue to touch people without absorbing their life force. Rogue didn't trust Sinister and tried to prove Gambit wrong by consuming the serum and kissing Gambit to show that the serum didn't work. Rogue's hunch about the serum was correct, but she kissed Gambit for too long and ended up killing Gambit by accident after absorbing too much of his life force.[1]


Seemingly those of Gambit of Earth-616.

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